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1. Business philosophy 
“People oriented”: Responsible and effectively managed staffs are the most valuable assets for Shuangfeng. We are proud of our employees with knowledge, individuality, teamwork spirit and dedication. They are internal force of company’s steady development. We offer a favorable working environment and a variety of opportunities for motivated employees to grow personally and professionally, and share business success. 
“To rule by virtue”:We focus on corporate culture building centered on “virtue”, which includes responsibility, innovation, dedication and team spirit. And these are core values of our corporation, and the spirit of “seek truth from facts” is our conduct rule. 
“To win by quality”The quality of products is our self-esteem and self-confidence. We bring in the latest technologies and learn advanced management concepts from companies within China and around the world. We are building advanced technology and management system based on the principle of independence. 
“To operate by integrity”: “Integrity” is essential for a company. We call for our staff to observe their commitment with a responsible attitude, and make their own contribution to the project of creating an ideal integrity structure among society, staff and clients.  
  2. Ideals of service 
“To extend our service to the customers’ production lines”
This is our service ideology in daily practice. Customers’ satisfaction is what we are working on. We provide pre-sales and after-sales service by ensuring product quality, standard, and specifications. Through the pursuit of industrialization and branding, we have created best values for our customers, the society and our staff. We are trying to realize a win-win situation, that is, to enhance our performance through creating values for our customers. 
  3. Ideas of quality 
Care for people       ¡¡Create excellent working environment and talented staff
Attention to details     Provide first-class quality products and services
Keep improving      ¡¡¡¡Foster a blue ribbon company image and brand 
  4. Ideas of culture 
“Being fair and practical”: We advocate fairness in working place by respecting our employees and treating them fairly. We encourage them to take challenges by being practical, which our achievement has to attribute to.  
“Teamwork spirit”: Different people hold different responsibilities in a company, and they have to help each other in every possible circumstance. It is like a football team. To be the first in a certain area is not difficult, but to reach the top in international arena needs everyone’s effort. 
“Caring about others”: “Others” include society, family members, friends and colleagues. Society is what we rely on, and only we learn how to care about the society, can we know how to make contributions to it. We believe that our people have to learn how to care about family members and friends first, and then they know should care about the company, and then the society. Shuangfeng takes from society and make social contributions. 
“Self-examination and being responsible”: It is an essential attitude for Shuangfeng people. We should have the ability to solve problems with initiative and on own responsibility. If problem occurs, we should examine ourselves first, and think what responsibilities we have to take and how to avoid it next time. Shuangfeng disapproves of those who are afraid of taking responsibilities, or shifting them to others, to company or even to the society.  
“Open to different opinions”: Different voices are welcomed. Nothing but willingness to accept different opinions, can we understand various problems, which may help us make better decisions. We encourage proactive communication and heated discussions, which will help make a better understanding of various possibilities and accurate decision at the end. 
“Continuous study”: There is no end to learning. We have to keep an attitude of active learning and continuous pursuit, to face today’s fierce competition; otherwise, we might be abandoned by the market. 
  5. Ideas of ecology 
Abide by the law, regulations and other relevant rules
Reduce waste and prevent pollution
Save energy and decrease ejection
Continuous improvement and check environment system on regular basis 


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